6 Best Cooking Classes In Hanoi, Vietnam

6 Best Cooking Classes In Hanoi, Vietnam
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Hanoi gastronomy and cuisine have grown to be the big magnet that attracts many tourists coming to the capital of Vietnam. Want to keep the love fires burning till the old age? It’s your turn to take the Cooking Class in Hanoi created particularly for the foreigners that arrive at Hanoi. Before you head back to the homeland, learn how to please your mate with the fantastic Vietnamese cooking recipe. So now, note down a memo on a piece of paper that Hanoi Cooking Class is a must-enjoy experience.

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#1: Hanoi Cooking Center
The center provides daily cooking classes. First, you will come to the local Market to buy the needy ingredients and learn to choose fresh foods. You are taught to prepare for the cooking process by the professional chefs. Once the food is done, you savor the self-made dishes. Pleasantly, the best dish will be awarded. Also, you get the detailed recipe at the end of the class for the later practice. There are many cooking courses to enjoy in Hanoi Cooking Center such as Vietnamese cuisine, cooking class for kids, street food discovery, etc. The fee for each course is about $45USD/person.

Address: 44 Chau Long, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tele: (+84-43) 715.0088
Website: www.hanoicookingcentre.com

#2: Old Hanoi
Daily Class and Private Class are found in Old Hanoi. Daily Cooking Class lets you enjoy cooking in a tropical garden in the heart of Hanoi. Before that, you go to the local market to buy various ingredients for a daily family meal. Private Cooking Class helps you create the best-suited Vietnamese dish and prepare a special feast for the loved ones. The chef will guide you how to cook several simple and popular dishes in Vietnam. It gives you the truly exciting cultural discovery.

Address: 106 Ma May, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: (+84-43) 824.5251
Website: www.hanoi-cooking.com

#3: Hoa Sua School
The cooking school is uniquely built and promoted as a vocational training center for the disadvantaged youth. Besides, it does provide Vietnamese Cooking Classes for the foreigners to Hanoi. Meaningfully, the earnings of the classes are used to cover the school’s operating charges. Besides cooking, the culinary tourists can also do voluntary jobs and bring happiness to the disabled students.

Address: Ngoc Hoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: (+84-43) 942.4448
Web: www.hoasuaschool.com

#4: Highway4
It is the well-known restaurant in Hanoi that has been praised by many rave reviews from both foreign and national press. Highway4 provides the private cooking classes in Hanoi and the market tours. Their aims are to give the foreigners the new insights about Vietnamese cuisine and make the Hanoi Tour a memorable experience. The cuisine fanciers can join the classes, practice cooking the Vietnamese dishes, and savor them.

Address: 5 Hang Tre, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: (+84-43) 926.4200
Website: www.highway4.com

#5: Didier Corlou
The cooking classes and training given by Chef Didier Corlou help you realize the fusion cooking between the East and the West. Besides, you can attend the cooking classes about the traditional Vietnamese foods that are run by his Vietnamese wife whose name is Mai Corlou. It’s advised to contact the chef directly so that you can schedule your cooking class in Hanoi (from Monday to Saturday). The orders should be made 48 hours in advance and booking is for 2 passengers at least.

Address: Carambola House – Didier Corlou Residence or Madame Hien Restaurant at 15 Chan Cam, Hanoi
Tel: (+84-43) 938.1588
Website: http://verticale-hanoi.com

#6: Anh Tuyet

Anh Tuyet culinary artist in HanoiIf you are looking for the REAL traditional Hanoi cuisine, do not miss cooking class with Anh Tuyet culinary artist. “Ms Tuyet’s restaurant and her delicate dishes are part of Viet Nam’s cultural heritage. The old quarter, ancient homes, traditional dishes and a friendly atmosphere all make Ms Tuyet’s a place that cannot be found anywhere else,” Anthony Bourdan – a well-known cook in Manhattan said. Further information is available at One-Day Hanoi Culinary Tour !

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