• $71.00

    Hanoi Food Tour 1 Day

    The 1-day Hanoi Food Tour your stomach with the recognizable dishes of Hanoi namely “Pho” (noodles with beef or chicken), Vietnamese egg café, Banh Cuon (rolled steamed cake), and Bun Cha (rice noodle with grilled pork)…

  • $67.00 Cao Lau - a kind of noodles to try in Hoi An food tour

    Hoi An Food Tour 1 Day

    The eminent Hoi An Food Tour covers the Vietnamese sandwich in the local style, Cao Lau (a kind of traditional noodle that only this ancient town has), the well-known, iconic Hoi An Chicken Rice, Banh Can (thick pancake with quail eggs), etc.

  • $1,645.00 Sweet and sour clam – popular street food in Saigon

    Vietnam Food Tour Package 15 Days

    Vietnam Food Tour 15 Days delivers one of the most authentic ways to feel the local highlights of food, destinations, and residents from the North through the Central to the South of Vietnam