Top Dishes and Royal Cuisine for Enjoyable Hue Food Tours

Top Dishes and Royal Cuisine for Enjoyable Hue Food Tours

Top Dishes and Royal Cuisine for Enjoyable Hue Food Tours
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Hue is one of the most valuable culinary destinations in Vietnam. The fine-dining province of the Central Vietnam welcomes foodies all over the world to evaluate the royal cuisine as well as the local specialties which remain famous regardless of the winds of change. If you have been admiring Hue Imperial City for the magnificent architecture and the beautiful Hue girls who wear charming “ao dai” and romantic conical hat, this time you might love this city more thanks to the yummy food and well-preserved royal cuisine in Hue.

Hue Mussel Rice (Com Hen)

Hue Mussel RiceThe rice mixed with mussels is a culinary icon in Hue. It includes not only rice and mussels but also some spices, mussel soup, fried noodles, cabbage, chili, peanuts, sprouts, black pepper, salt, cooking oil, pork skin chips, etc. The adequate ingredients are well combined to create a specialty. With the fresh mussels, the citizens of Hue even create variations of mussel noodle or vermicelli. Originally, the Hue Mussel Rice was invented by the locals living nearby the Perfume River where owned plenty of mussels. The nutrient dish is very popular in Hue, and it’s a big shortcoming if you don’t savor it during the Hue Food Tours. At the affordable prices, the mussel cooked rice is a must to eat if you are wandering around the Perfume River – the homeland of the dish.

Hue Beef Noodle (Bun Bo)

Hue Beef NoodleThe beef noodle is the soul of Hue cuisine, arguably. Including some slices of beef, fresh vegetables, sprouts, sliced banana blossom, lemon grass, lettuce, etc., and especially the succulent broth, a bowl of beef noodle can win every connoisseur’s praises. The highly nutrient and delicious broth is the secret of the chefs in Hue. Though you can find some other regions of Vietnam serve this dish, nowhere can compare with Hue where masters the secret of the so-called “delicious beef noodle.” Therefore, make sure you eat this specialty in this romantic and tranquil royal city of Vietnam.

Steamed Rice Cake (Banh Beo)

Hue Steamed Rice CakeThe actual Hue Food Tour will let you experience how special the steamed rice cake is with the local people. It’s the very common sight to see many street vendors selling this cake, and lots of patrons enjoy it for brunch or at any other mealtime. The typical steamed rice cake in Hue consists of the chopped dried shrimp, fried shallots, pepper, onions, beef, salt, sprout, etc. With lots of eye-catching ingredients, the complete little cakes look very pretty. People enjoy it with fish sauce and know that the success of the dish lies on the sauce – the family secret in Hue.

Hue Pork Sausage (Cha Hue)

Hue Pork SausageAs one of the most excellent specialties in Hue, the pork sausage is delectable enough to create the great reputation for the Vietnamese sausage. Made of pork and wrapped in banana leaves, the complete sausage is widely served with rolled cakes, vermicelli, noodles, rice, and more. People can enjoy some slices of pork sausage with the fish sauce. The additions of fried shallots, peppers, chili, etc., help enhance the mouth-watering taste of the dish. The first time you eat the Hue Pork Sausage, you might realize the different flavors of the whole black peppercorns, garlic, and the steamed pork. Then, you might become its fans.

Peanut and Sesame Candy (Keo Me Xung)

Hue Peanut and Sesame CandyThis is the traditional item in Hue royal city. The hard-working and skillful natures of the local people create this famous candy. Know that the Hue people preserve the delicate habit: drinking lotus tea and enjoying bars of sesame candy while thinking of something or reading books. It’s said that the sesame candy is the other culinary and cultural icon of Hue. As a result, the travelers often buy dozens of packages of the sesame candy and consider it the symbolic souvenir.  

Hue Royal Cuisine

Hue Royal CuisineThe royal cuisine of Hue has long been appreciated due to the cooking ways, decoration styles, and aesthetic display which create the unique value which nowhere has. Talking about the cuisine in Hue, people first think of the royal style derived from the Nguyen Dynasty. Not to mention the slight differences about ingredients, the special trait of Hue royal cuisine lies in the ways of decoration and display – it must be aesthetic, fragrant, creative, and delicate. That said, each dish is a subject of art! Also, the usage of plates, bowls, chopsticks, etc., needs to follow the certain regulations of the Dynasty.

Nowadays, the culinary travelers can experience how should a royal meal be. In the adequate settings, you will be served like “the Kings and the Queens.” And if wanted, you can rent the full dress of the King, the Queen, the Prince, or the Princess. The royal dining experience is wonderful with the folk music performances. Proudly speaking, the Hue royal cuisine is the top of Vietnamese culinary art because it always reflects aestheticism, delicateness, and skillfulness. Some writers even said that the Hue people “eat with eyes and noses before by mouth.” Together with the truly eye-catching decoration and display, the Hue royal food has the beautiful and meaningful names.

Book Your Excellent Hue Food Tour

The Food Tours to Hue let you not only discover the local tourist highlights but also experience how appetizing the food in Hue is. Besides the mussel rice, beef noodle, steamed rice cake, etc., Hue even has more to fulfill your delicate palates. And if wanted, you can customize the hands-on cooking sessions. As Hue is the cradle of the best chefs and the most traditional food in Vietnam, take your opportunities to savor some specialties and bring home the recipes if possible. The city food tour might bring you to the famous restaurants, the notable roadside eateries, and the bustling night markets. Most of the culinary highlights of Hue should be included in the itineraries, from the places to the food options. By booking a Hue Culinary Tour, you can expect for the enjoyable and appealing activities, from the happy royal dining experiences to the mouth-watering feelings at first sight of the colorful dishes in Hue.

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