Can Tho Mekong Street Food

Mekong Street Food – Tips for Travelers to the South of Vietnam

Mekong Street Food Tour is one of the most exciting kinds of vacation that everybody is encouraged to experience with the full stomachs. Through tasting many foods along the street, the gourmets of both domestic and foreign locations get great chances to learn more about the regional cuisine and culture of Mekong Delta. Favorably pay for the food and tip the knowledgeable guide so that you stay happy at the end of the street food tour. Right in Can Tho, each corner of the city is fulfilled with many local street-food restaurants where people can freely devour some of the yummiest dishes. Of course, you can try them right away without anyone’s disturbance! Let’s discover Mekong Street Food now!


Mekong Street Food Tour – What To Experience

At the beginning of the tour, the vacationers can enjoy the deep fried fish tofu stick and beef snack balls. When it comes to the popular food street, there stand various kinds of street foods to savor. Especially, it can’t help mentioning “Bánh Cống” – a traditional pie cake of Can Tho that is made from a mixture of green beans, minced pork, and little shrimp. The cake is steamed and then fried deeply in the flour dough that makes it eye-catching and delicious. Along the route, also grasp opportunities to try “nem nuong” – pork BBQ that is rolled up in rice paper with nice noodles, thin banana slices, lettuce, Asian basil, pine apple, mint, fresh herbs, coriander, and leaves. Surely, nem nuong is a healthy street food option indeed. Enjoy it with a tasteful sweet-spicy sauce.

Bánh Cống - A traditional pie cake of Can Tho
Bánh Cống – A traditional pie cake of Can Tho


Along with that, expect to witness many small stalls selling a variety of hand grilled seafood and rice snacks as well. A walk through provinces of Mekong Delta definitely pleases your palate with the rich collections of local street foods. Besides, don’t forget to taste the locally produced beer associated with the freshly-made fruit drinks! These healthy foods and drinks help you to stay healthy and energetic throughout the days off. In addition to having the good appetite for the Vietnamese street foods, the gourmets are also stimulated to experience the Mekong city life via the virtual stay. There are many cultural stories about some kinds of foods on the corners you pass.

The fantastic facts about the foods absolutely win your interest from the first time of hearing. Such the interest is boosted when you can taste the foods virtually. In the broad contexts, ones can meet many other international tourists and locals as well. The rich options of many locations and street food stalls bring you closer to actual tastes of Mekong regions. In case of Vegetarian foods, Mekong Delta also fits your needs and wants in the radical way.

How about some kinds of strange foods? The availability of grilled field mice, frogs, snakes, or snails is waiting for you all to explore. Mekong Street Food Tour is the very top choice to indulge the palate. Let’s add some of the delicious foods to your favorable list from now on! They will enrich your culinary experiences with both foods and drinks along the streets of Mekong Delta.