5 Best Buffet Restaurants in Hanoi

5 Best Buffet Restaurants in Hanoi to Experience

Serving yourself from a long table of food brings much joy, and the 5 best buffet restaurants in Hanoi will direct you to the ideal venues to eat and enjoy. A meal of various dishes displayed on the table will please your palate and offer plentiful time to feel how great the food tastes.

#1: Sen Restaurant – Top list of Best Buffet Restaurants in Hanoi

The chain of Sen Restaurant in Hanoi is a favorite address for local and overseas guests to enjoy the traditional Hanoi food. The restaurants can be found in Sen Tay Ho, Sen Ha Thanh, and Sen Nam Thanh. Among these, Sen Tay Ho is the most popular site next to West Lake Water Park and bordered by a beautiful garden; Sen Ha Thanh is the newest and greatest-quality in the chain; Sen Nam Thanh has the highest prices. Though the buffer prices vary due to the time of the day, the average prices are from VND290.000 to VND420.000. Besides the traditional Vietnamese dishes, Sen Restaurant also offers plates of the Western-style food such as grilled lobsters, sushi, or fresh salmon.


  • Sen Tay Ho: 614 Lac Long Quan Street
  • Sen Ha Thanh: 117 Bui Thi Xuan
  • Sen Nam Thanh: 84 Nguyen Du
Buffet Sen Tay Ho (Sen West Lake) Hanoi
Buffet Sen Tay Ho (Sen West Lake) Hanoi

#2: Sen Viet Restaurant – Sahul Hotel

Food connoisseurs wish that they know Sen Viet Restaurant sooner than they did. This site opens the attractive, cozy, and romantic place for people to enjoy a meal of Asian – European food. Especially, from this spot, it’s exciting to view the panoramic Hanoi city from the top. Often, it serves more than 160 types of food that satisfy even the fastidious diners. The quality of the food and the charming décor of the site bring Sen Viet high scores in the online foodie forums.

Location: the 18th-floor, Sahul Hotel, 684 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District

Buffet Sen Viet on the 18th-floor at Sahul Hotel
Buffet Sen Viet on the 18th-floor at Sahul Hotel

#3: La Vong Seafood Restaurant

Seafood lovers are recommended to buy buffet tickets in La Vong Restaurant and rest assured that they will receive the happy treat. A variety of delicious seafood dishes in this venue will pamper your palate and encourage you to enjoy each of the culinary options. Besides, the staff’s services add satisfaction to the gastronomy episodes in La Vong that you receive polite and praiseworthy support. In the French-style architecture, the restaurant is photogenic. Extras of the lush garden and playing ground for kids make it one of the most famous buffet restaurants in Hanoi.

Location: 2 Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay District

Buffet La Vong Seafood Restaurant
Buffet La Vong Seafood Restaurant

#4: Su Restaurant

Su Restaurant is quite famous in Hanoi thanks to a rich menu of the Asian – European dishes that are high-quality, diverse, appetizing, and aesthetic. Targeting to please customers, the restaurant puts much focus on the taste and the decoration of the food that surprises people at first look and first flavor. In the elegant white setting, it’s no doubt that you will have joy in eating and evaluating the food. Also, take time photographing the nicely decorated dishes.

Location: 64 Nguyen Du Street, Hai Ba Trung District

Su Restaurant -One of Best Buffet Restaurants in Hanoi
Su Restaurant -One of Best Buffet Restaurants in Hanoi

#5: Chef Dzung Restaurant – Newly listed in Buffet Restaurants in Hanoi

Introducing Hanoi people to a menu of fresh seafood and other dishes cooked from the high-quality ingredients received from the big oceans of Quang Ninh, Nha Trang, and Phu Quoc, Chef Dzung Restaurant is the excellent hangout address. Enjoying the buffet menu, you can also opt for some kinds of preferred seafood in the big glass tank. Then, the chef will process the chosen ingredients to cook the yummy food that fits your preferences.

Location: The 3rd-floor, 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Dong Da District

Foods at Chef Dzung Restaurant in Hnaoi
Foods at Chef Dzung Restaurant in Hnaoi

In addition to these top 5 Best Buffet Restaurants in Hanoi, the city also has a list of restaurant chains for BBQ and hotpot fanciers such as King BBQ, Sumo BBQ, Hotpot Story, Seoul BBQ, etc. Obviously, Hanoi food tours will make your heart and stomach happy.

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