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The Yummiest Nha Trang Street Food – Nha Trang What to Eat Tips

19 December, 2017
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Nha Trang Street Food Guide : Nha Trang is a leading beach city in Vietnam, being well-known for enthralling beaches, fantastic scuba diving, and yummy delicacies with the freshest seafood and more other ingredients. Sample the top Nha Trang Street Food is a big must to do for any travelers to this scenic coastal town. The local specialties stress on savory fish sauce, fresh seafood ingredients, and distinctive sweet taste. To answer the question What to eat in Nha Trang, just following are the top local must-try food in Nha Trang streets and markets.

#1: Rice Vermicelli with Jellyfish or Fish – Most Popular Street Food in Nha Trang

As the well-known vermicelli soup with the fish broth, “Bún Chả Sứa” in Nha Trang is distinctive with the broth of the steamed sailfish, rice vermicelli, and jellyfish. Often, this street food in Nha Trang might also include the crab meat, shrimp, and pork for the sweet and tasty flavor to satisfy the culinary tourists who want to slurp the best soup of the beautiful coastal city. Another popular version of this rice vermicelli soup is “Bún Chả Cá,” of which the fish sausage can be made from mackerel and sailfish while the broth features the long-steamed pork bones, fish’s head and bones. Just a bowl of “Bún Chả Sứa” or “Bún Chả Cá” gives you the authentic feeling about Nha Trang’s sea breeze. Remember to relish a complete bowl with chili and sweet herb!  The ideal streets to gather for this delicacy are Bach Dang Street, Phan Boi Chau Street, and Ngo Gia Tu Street.

Rice Vermicelli with Jellyfish or Fish
Rice Vermicelli with Jellyfish or Fish

#2: Seafood – Featured Nha Trang Street Food

Nha Trang is rich in seafood. This results in numerous dishes whose major ingredients are the fresh fish, shrimp, snail, etc., newly caught from the sea. From boiling to stir-frying, steaming, grilling, mixing with spices, or every cooking way, the seafood dishes in the beach city is ultimately yummy and delicate. In the local street vendors, markets, and eateries, the seafood is dominant, sufficient, and nutrient. In addition to eating the seafood dishes prepared by the locals, you can also buy kilograms of seafood in the morning markets or even at the restaurants to try self-cooking. Some highly suggested seafood dishes are snails in tamarind sauce, steamed squids, and fish grilled with chili and salt.

Grilled Seafood - Nha Trang local Street Food
Grilled Seafood – Nha Trang local Street Food

#3: Mini Pancake with Egg, Squid, or Shrimp – Authentic Vietnam Street Food in Nha Trang

Locally called “Bánh Căn,” this mini version of pancake is made from rice flour, eggs, and spring onions. People often enjoy several pieces of cake with fresh vegetables and dipped into the sweet-and-sour fish sauce. It’s easy that you can find the bamboo carts selling this mini pancake in the local markets and streets, especially in the tourist areas. There exist different versions of “Căn Cake” topped with meat and seafood (squid and shrimp), not only the quail eggs. Note that these cakes are sold in pairs because they are rather small.

Mini Pancake with Egg, Squid, or Shrimp in Nha Trang
Mini Pancake with Egg, Squid, or Shrimp in Nha Trang

#4: Crispy Pancake with Squid – Local Snacks Not To Be Missed

“Bánh Xèo Mực” is the special version of the crispy pancake in Nha Trang. The innovative ideas of using squids (instead of pork and shrimp) bring the big success to the local culinary spectacle; many connoisseurs find it great to eat three or more crepe-like cakes per time in this beach city. Served with the raw vegetables and sweet-and-sour fish sauce, the sizzling squid pancake is very eye-catching and mouth-watering. The crunchy and tasty ensemble convinces you of Nha Trang’s seafood-rich and appetizing cuisine. Besides the essential ingredients, the fresh and delicious squids make a difference. It’s awesome to savor the crunchy and sizzling pancakes with the squids amidst the windy coastal city.

Crispy Pancake with Squid in Nha Trang
Crispy Pancake with Squid in Nha Trang

#5: Pan-fried Snails – Strange Street Food for Foreigners to Nha Trang

“Ốc chảo” or the pan-fried snail is one of the most authentic culinary brands of Nha Trang. Various types of snails will be pan-fried on the coal stoves that attract the foodies’ attention via its smell, look, and cooking etiquette. It’s obvious that the snails in this beach city are fresh, nutrient, and diverse. From escargot to sweet snail or periwinkle, you join the world of the delicious snail dishes in Nha Trang. The key of this delicacy is the mysterious fish sauce with garlic and sweet herbs. The attractive colors of the snails on the full pans will urge you to savor several kinds, get the real experiences on the spot, and evaluate the taste.

Pan-fried Snails in Nha Trang
Pan-fried Snails in Nha Trang

#6: Grilled Pork Roll – Street Food with Nha Trang Taste

Nha Trang’s Grilled Pork Roll (Nem Nướng) stands out as the top street food to eat thanks to its inviting smell and succulent taste. Grilled on the coal stoves directly, the pork roll owns enchanting smell, attractive look, and winning flavor to be served with raw vegetable and fish sauce. Besides, a variety of herb and vegetable enhances the whole flavor of the grilled roll. In particular, the Ninh Hoa’s Pork Roll is outstanding with two versions: the fermented pork roll or the grilled pork roll. Via the handmade processing, the rolls are soft, succulent, and unique.

Nha Trang Street Food - Nem Nuong
Nha Trang Street Food – Nem Nuong

#7: Lac Canh Grilled Beef – Excellent Beef Makes Delicious Nha Trang Street Food

Nha Trang what to eat for the best BBQ dinner? Mixed with honey and various seasonings, the beef is grilled deliciously enough to win the foodies’ praises. The secretive recipes are passed from generation to generation of Lac Canh, Nha Trang which makes this food the appetizing delicacy. The distinctively sweet and nutrient taste of the grilled beef combined with the fresh vegetables can allure the patrons who are on Vietnam Food Tours.

Lac Canh Grilled Beef in Nha Trang Vietnam
Lac Canh Grilled Beef in Nha Trang Vietnam

#8: Rolled Cake with Grilled Pork – Must Try the Local Food With Local Beer

For the exceptional treat in Nha Trang, make sure you do not skip a chance to eat a bowl of the rolled cake with the grilled pork (“Bánh Cuốn Thịt Nướng”). Together with the well-spiced grilled pork, the attractive bowl includes the stuffed rolled cakes, pickled carrot, vegetables, peanuts, spring onions, slices of cucumber, etc. The ensemble becomes inevitably appetizing once being spiced with the local fish sauce. Also, some eateries even add the Ninh Hoa’s Grilled Pork Roll to the bowl and it works fantastically.

Rolled Cake with Grilled Pork - Vietnam Street Food in Nha Trang
Rolled Cake with Grilled Pork – Vietnam Street Food in Nha Trang

Above are the most special dishes in Nha Trang that you should always try if getting there during the Vietnam travel packages. The local seafood-rich cuisine will fulfill your culinary interest and delicate palate with the super-yummy food so that you might come back there over and over for the summer beach retreat or food paradise.

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