Perfect Culinary Joy With Delicious Meatball In Da Lat

Da Lat, the City of Love, is greatly recognizable for the romantic tourist attractions of lake, love valley, pine forest, mountain, etc. While the eyes are feasted fantastically in Da Lat, the stomach is served fully. Amongst the best foods to try in this lovely city, the meatball stands out thanks to the greasy, succulent, and spicy taste that is exceptional. The meatball is often served with many food stalls along the streets. Therefore, if you’re planning to go, do remember to savor the delicious meatball in Da Lat!

Introduction to Da Lat Meatball

The meatball reflects the unique Da Lat Street Food with the succulent taste that lasts long on the gourmets’ palate. Though there are many distinctive versions of the meatballs throughout Vietnam, the meatball in Da Lat creates its own reputation to wow anybody that used to eat it at least once. In fact, the meatball served with a loaf of bread is the very favorite dish for breakfast that most locals adore.

Still with the folksy name, the meatball in Da Lat can be broadly found in many corners of the city, from the schools to the markets. And, the most famous address to eat the Da Lat meatball is the store at the crossroad Tran Nhat Duat – Hoang Dieu. Here, you only find the two kinds of meatball combined with the loaf: the single meatball and the mixed meatball. Since the store is often full of patrons from the 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM, it’s advisable to come early to get served satisfactorily.

You’ll get a bowl of sauce with meatball, pork skin, and stick sausage sprinkled by spring onions. Just enjoy the savory and spicy of the sauce to eat it with the newly produced bread, you will fall in love with this food. Then, chew the meatballs; perhaps, your love to this delicacy will become deeper. Have breakfast with the little meatball in Da Lat is the perfect and joyful culinary experience.

Da Lat Meatball with bread (Bánh Mì Xíu Mại Đà Lạt)
Da Lat Meatball with bread (Bánh Mì Xíu Mại Đà Lạt)

Eat the Meatball in Da Lat in Your Own Favorite Way

Broadly speaking, people will break the loaf into pieces to eat them with the meatballs in the soup bowl. It’s the simplest way to enjoy the folksy yet delicious dish. According to your own preference, there are some ways to relish the deliciousness of the Da Lat street food. If still having no favorite way to eat it on your own, here are the three interesting ways to carry out recomended by Vietnam Culinary Travel.

  • The 1st way: Break the loaf into smaller pieces and put them into the bowl of meatball sauce. Once the bread pieces are soaked in the sauce, you eat each appetizing piece.
  • The 2nd way: Break the loaf into the big pieces, soak each of them into the savory sauce, and eat the big soaked piece until you complete the whole loaf.
  • The 3rd way: Cut the loaf in half, put the meatballs in the middle, and then dip it in the spiced sauce.

At present, the loaf with meatball can be widely found throughout almost every angle of Da Lat City. The dish is priced inexpensively so that everybody can have a bread full of meatball and savory sauce for their breakfast. In the cool climate of the City of Flowers, instead of sipping a hot cup of coffee in the morning, let’s enjoy a bowl of meatball served with a loaf of bread in Da Lat soon!