• $108.00 Artisan chef Anh Tuyet in Hanoi

    Hanoi Culinary Tour 1 Day

    Hanoi owns dozens of the great dishes to cheer up foodies, and Hanoi Culinary Tour 1 Day is as ideal as you ever wish to feel local cuisine and gastronomy in an authentic way.

  • $71.00

    Hanoi Food Tour 1 Day

    The 1-day Hanoi Food Tour your stomach with the recognizable dishes of Hanoi namely “Pho” (noodles with beef or chicken), Vietnamese egg café, Banh Cuon (rolled steamed cake), and Bun Cha (rice noodle with grilled pork)…

  • $90.00 Cao Lau - The famous Hoi An Noodle

    Hoi An Culinary Tour 1 Day

    Hoi An Culinary Tour 1 Day can secure all connoisseurs to relish the top symbolic food and experience the local culture as well as lifestyle. At the same time, the city day tour exhilarates you all via several antique sites…

  • $70.00 Cao Lau - a kind of noodles to try in Hoi An food tour

    Hoi An Food Tour 1 Day

    The eminent Hoi An Food Tour covers the Vietnamese sandwich in the local style, Cao Lau (a kind of traditional noodle that only this ancient town has), the well-known, iconic Hoi An Chicken Rice, Banh Can (thick pancake with quail eggs), etc.

  • $116.00 Spring Roll decorated in Royal tyle

    Hue Culinary Tour 1 Day

    Hue Culinary Tour 1 Day becomes a hot trend these days after some foreign foodies have been telling each other about “Bun Bo Hue” (a kind of noodle with beef), Hue Mussel Rice, steamed cake, etc…

  • $98.00 $79.00 Sale! Cooking Class at Vietnam Cookery Center

    Saigon Culinary Tour 1 Day

    The bustling and sleepless Saigon delivers diverse feel for Vietnamese food, and with Saigon Culinary Tour 1 Day, you enjoy eating, cooking, and sightseeing in a Saigonese way.

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