8 Famous Dishes Attract Foodies to Halong Culinary Tours

8 Famous Dishes Attract Foodies to Halong Culinary Tours
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Halong Bay is famous for not only legendary natural highlights but also delicious specialties which only the land has. The appealing local names of “sa sung,” squid sausage, “Gat Gu” cake,” “Ca Say,” etc., impress many food connoisseurs to the “Bay of the Descending Dragon.” If your next culinary destination is Halong, then it’s necessary to know ahead what the most special dishes are to try there. Your Halong Culinary Tours will be full of the eye-catching and mouth-watering food, and interesting culinary experiences. Get to know top 8 dishes in Halong City, Quang Ninh Province!

Squid Sausage

Halong Squid Sausage The squid sausage is usually present in the local meals in Halong Bay. Made from fresh squid which is pounded manually, this kind of seafood sausage is delicious enough to enchant every culinary tourist. The newly caught fresh squids from the Halong Sea will be cleaned and then pounded manually to create the typical soft and fragrant taste. The best cooking way to process the squid sausage might be frying. The fried sausage of squid in Halong Bay has the attractively yellow color plus the aromatic and soft tastes. This food is often served with sticky rice, rolled cake, or just enjoy it with solid fish sauce. The Halong squid sausage is the favorite culinary souvenir which many travelers bring home. The average price is 20 USD/kg.

Sa Sung – a kind of mollusk found in Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh Province

Sa Sung Dish in HalongThis refers to the relatively rare kind of mollusk which can be processed as the very delicious seafood. The soft-bodied species serves as food and local “remedy” which is good for health. Especially, the fried food becomes the expensive specialty whose prices can reach up to over 50 USD/kg. The sea flavor of “sa sung” can win the gourmets’ interest when they eat a piece of the roasted seafood dipped into chili sauce, fresh “sa sung” grilled with lemon and banana, steamed “sa sung” with porridge or soup.

Sam – Horseshoe Crab

Halong Horseshoe CrabThe horseshoe crab is processed in various flexible ways to suit the visitors’ palates. The crabs can be covered with frying flour, mixed with sweet-and-sour sauce, grilled, etc. The process of “sam” needs the chef’s skills and dedications; therefore, it becomes the rare dish since only a few places, mainly in Quang Yen, serve this specialty. Greatly, the dish of horseshoe crab can be found in Street 25/4 in Halong City. It is interesting to note that the crab’s shell is the fantastic souvenir.

“Gat Gu” Cake

Halong Gat Gu CakeThe name of the cake is derived from the fact that the patrons should give a nod of assent when they enjoy it (nod means “gật gù” in Vietnamese). It refers to the cake spread on the steamer and rolled to create the rolled cake. Some people say the taste of “Gat Gu” Cake is similar to “Phở”, but the single difference is that this specialty of Quang Ninh is made from the softer flour. The Cake is best consumed with fish sauce, chicken fat, minced pork, fresh chili, fried onions, etc. Try it to see if you also like it with a nod!

Free-range Chicken Tien Yen

Tien Yen ChickenThe brand of free-range chicken Tien Yen has long been famous thanks to the succulent taste of the healthy chickens which are allowed to run on the hills freely. As the chickens eat grass, plants, and organic food, their flesh is nutrient and delicious. In that sense, the simply boiled chicken of the Tien Yen region in Quang Ninh Province is scrumptious enough to enchant you, even at first sight of the greasy, yellow skin and the sweet flavor.

Ca Say – a kind of the domestic fowls

ca say halongThe inspiring name of “Cà Sáy” refer to a species of domestic fowls having some characteristics of duck and chicken. The dish of the boiled “Ca Say” is widely found in Quang Ninh restaurants, and of course in Halong Bay. The specialty is attractive for not only the succulent meat but also the unique mixture including fish sauce, fresh ginger, and coca cola.

Ngan – Austriella corrugate

halong austriella corrugate“Ngan” is the popular seafood in almost every restaurant in Quang Ninh. This seafood can be boiled and grilled for the appetizing tastes. Besides, people might cook “Ngan” with porridge, salad, or stir-fried noodle. While the body of this seafood is greasy and sweet, its soup is very nutrient. More interestingly, the local men also create an appetizer drink from this seafood blood whose taste is fiery and sweet at the tip of the tongue.

Nem Chao  – Fermented Pork Roll

Halong Nem ChaoThe major ingredients of this specialty include the thinly sliced pork skin and the fermented fried rice which involve the complicated procedure of fermentation. The dish is often served with the slightly sweet-and-sour fish sauce, the dry pancake, and some kinds of herbs. The fermented pork rolls are the favorite culinary souvenirs which many foodies buy for their relatives before they leave the land to return to their home.

Book Halong Bay Culinary Tours!

With unique and yummy specialties, Halong Bay is confident enough to welcome even the most fastidious gourmets who hold the high requirements for cuisine. From the delectable squid sausage to the delightful “Ngan” seafood, the culinary tour packages to Halong Bay will make you the happy foodies indeed. And if you invest time in Luxury Halong Bay Cruises, also expect to the informative and enjoyable hands-on cooking sessions onboard!

Whether you travel solo or with the sweethearts, families, or relatives, the Vietnam Culinary Tours in Halong ensure you to leave the land with the excellent recipes and memorable tastes. The authentic cuisine in the Halong markets, luxury cruises, restaurants, street vendors, etc., guarantee always you to find the great places to eat and experience. For instance, the leading eateries in Halong City include Co Ngu Restaurant, Halong Royal Restaurant, Cua Vang Restaurant, Jumbo Vietnam Floating Restaurant, and Kim Hang Restaurant.

Don’t be reluctant to contact and book your preferable culinary packages to Halong! Some of the best deals of the years are available for booking now. If you ever think of Vietnam Food Discovery, make Halong Bay the fine-dining spot to get started!

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