Chả Mực - Squid Sausage Halong Bay

The Succulent Squid Sausage in Halong Bay

As one of the most reputable dishes in Halong, squid sausage has long been the main topic of almost every discussion about Vietnamese food culture in Halong City. The manual procession of the squid emphasizes the chef’s dexterity and experience. Once the fresh squid is processed and then fried, it becomes the yellow, crunchy, and appetizing dish that everybody should try when they travel to Halong Bay. If served with the roll rice or sticky rice, the squid tastes best.

Halong Squid Sausage is Exceptional and Delicious

The squid sausage made in Halong is exceedingly delicious since the core ingredient is the newly caught squid, which must be fresh. Within the Halong Bay area, the squid offers the crunchy and appetizing tang that is said to be better than elsewhere. When served with the peppered fish sauce, the taste can be doubled when the sweet, greasy squid marries the savory sauce.

Let’s quickly see how to process this dish! The succulent sausage is made from the squid bought directly from the local fishing boats in the very early morning. The squid has the white and thick body, which is highly nutritious. Once being clean, the eatable body of the squid is put into the dry mortar to be ground manually. Each slice will be ground continuously until it turns sticky.

The manual grind is one of the most valuable traditions to create the exceptional high-quality squid sausage. The significant additive to use is the “yellow flower glutinous flour”, which produces the fragrant and solid completion. Besides, there use some other essentials like salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, annatto seed oil, spring onion, garlic, chili, fish sauce, etc., which are all pounded for a sticky set.

The sticky squid set is then shaped and fried in the moderate heat until it turns crunchy and golden brown. It’s advisable to use the organic oil. The deliciousness of the squid lies in the chef’s dexterity when grinding the squid ingredient as well as the use of the quintessential oil. Exceptionally, Halong owns a place called the “squid sausage street” in which the cooks perform the squid-processing steps in front of their food stalls for the new guests to witness.

Fresh Squid to make Sausage in Halong City
Fresh Squid to make Sausage in Halong City
The manual grind to make high-quality squid sausage
The manual grind to make high-quality squid sausage

Please Order the Squid Sausage if You Travel to Halong Bay

The standard squid sausage in Halong Bay should be crunchy, golden brown, and fragrant. While its color and fragrance inspire the gourmets to eat happily at the moment, its stunning taste leaves the long impression on the palate.

Hence, it’s the regrettable lack if you forget to order the squid sausage while going on a Halong Bay Tour. Almost every food stall and restaurant in Halong Bay serve this food. For anybody that admires the Vietnamese cuisine, they all make the squid sausage in Halong Bay one of their culinary favorites. The feeling to enjoy the succulent and golden brown squid delights the connoisseurs from the bottom of the heart. What could be happier to have the plate of the ready-to-serve squid sausage on the table while you’re dining and enjoying the majestic view of the legendary Halong Bay? Trust us! The Halong squid sausage is the right segment that you are looking for to complete a culinary experience in Vietnam.