Cooking Classes In Hoi An – 4 Addresses To Recommend

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Hoi An is admitted as the paradise of the food lovers and cuisine fanciers. Just search for some of the existing restaurants and stalls in Hoi An, you will soon fall in love with the land’s cuisine. The next step to take is to take participation in the cooking classes here that teach you much about the most famous types of Hoi An dishes. In the first time you try buying the cooking materials in the markets, you will get lots of funny stories and lessons to share. Meanwhile, the photographing opportunities are immense. Join the four most recommended cooking classes in Hoi An below.

#1: Morning Glory Street Food Class

Hoi An Morning Glory Cooking Class

This cooking class is run the professional female chef that is on top of the list favored by many forums available about the Hoi An cooking subject. Thanks to the profound knowledge of the instructor, the Morning Glory Class is usually crowded, so it’s necessary to book a seat in advance. Believe that the chef here knows every last detail of the ingredients and the healthy benefits. The staffs of this class are also excellent; everything is to make sure that you know how to cook the Hoi An famous dishes.

Here is the contact information of Morning Glory:
Address: 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St
Telephone: (84) 0510 2241 556

#2: Red Bridge Cooking Class

Hoi An Red Bridge Cooking Class

Many food lovers choose to get the boutique experience in Red Bridge. This cooking class will send the “students” off on a boat to the market. The Red Bridge owns the herb gardens and the greatest teachers who guarantee that you can make the standard meal in Hoi An. Meanwhile, the offer of many international-standard wine helps indulge your taste. The tuition for this class is affordable unless you employ the expensive wine list.

Here is the contact information of Red Bridge:
Address: Thon 4, Cam Thanh
Telephone: (84) 0510 3933 222

#3: Green Bamboo Class

Hoi An Green Bamboo Cooking Class

This class covers the cheaper price and homier experience in compared with some other cooking classes in Hanoi. Therefore, Green Bamboo is in favor of somebody that wants to learn cooking the Hoi An dishes in the cozy and economic ways. The instructor guides you how to cook right in her kitchen. More especially, if you go with kids, this is the only class that can entertain the little ones in the Tra Que Vegetable Garden where they learn planting crops in the Vietnamese way. Besides, the adults can relax via the services of herbal foot massage. The Green Bamboo Cooking Class is operated in the real family home, so it brings you the real, homey experience of cooking in Hoi An.

Here is the contact information of Green Bamboo:
Address: Near Cua Dai Beach
Telephone: (84) 0905 815 600

#4: Taste of Hoi An

Taste of Hoi A Cooking Class

Whether or not you prefer the hands-on cooking experience, it’s best to fulfill your stomach in the street food tours: Taste of Hoi An. That is ideal for the food hobbyists who love eating rather than cooking. Are you the authentic foodies? Join the class so that you get the real feel for the Hoi An street food without the need to handle the chore of cooking. The good guide will clearly explain each dish available and also order it for you.

Here is the contact information of Taste of Hoi An:
Address: 109 Nguyen Thai Hoc St
Telephone: (84) 0905 382 783

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