Bo La Lot - The grilled meat wrapped in betel leaves

Bo La Lot Wins Gourmets With Captivating Smell

More and more connoisseurs look for “Bo La Lot” every time they roam around Vietnamese streets, especially in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly called Saigon) and they all together make the sound of “yummy”. Have you ever tried this tasteful street food? Whether or not the answer is YES, it is the big shortcoming if you miss a chance to enjoy “Bo La Lot” at the time you’re staying in Vietnam. Even before your eyes inform you of the sales of “Bo La Lot” on specific corners along the routes, the smell of this dish attractively wins your attention. Then, easily follow the smell and believe in our word, you will find out the delicious Vietnam street food that is captivating in its display, smell, as well as taste.

What Makes Culinary Tourists Love “Bo La Lot”?

First of all, know that “Bo La Lot” means grilled meat wrapped in betel leaves that creates perfect combination or harmonious flavorful package. This food itself includes beef, which is marinated in fish sauce associated with lemongrass and garlic, and then wrapped in betel leaves (they are called La Lot in Vietnamese), and finally the whole set is grilled over hot coals. When being grilled, the dish triggers very attractive smell that none can ignore. Generally speaking, the ingredients of fish sauce and lemongrass make the beef loyal to unique Vietnamese flavor, while the betel nut offers herbaceous and peppery taste. The betel leaves also help to seal in the meat’s juices.

Bo La Lot - The grilled meat wrapped in betel leaves
Bo La Lot – The grilled meat wrapped in betel leaves

As already stated, culinary tourists even smell the presence of “Bo La Lot” before they see it. When the betel leaf wrapping the beef inside is grilled, it provokes alluring scent and aromatic smoke which are better than the medicinal smell mixed with grilled meats. On the completion, the dish is decorated with chopped scallions, chopped peanuts, and mayonnaise, which may be sprinkled or poured onto the completed pieces of wrapped beef. If your culinary tours are done in the southern Vietnam, expect to savor “Bo Lat Lot” with the additions of bundles of thin rice vermicelli noodles (called Banh Hoi in Vietnamese), sliced cucumber, unripe banana, chopped scallion, etc. Please note that the additional components may vary from stands to stands! Besides, the dish is served with a small cup of sauce made from fish sauce, garlic, sugar, and vinegar.

So now, how to eat “Bo La Lot”? If you really don’t know how to get started, get the following information noted down: Basically, eat the dish by grapping a piece of lettuce, and then put some thin rice vermicelli noodles on it. Next, put the grilled wrapped beef on; the use of lettuce and noodle helps to keep the juices flowing from the wrapped beef. Later, add any herb of your preference into the mixture you are holding. When the dish is ready to be served, dip it into the sauce and enjoy it immediately. It is reported that the “Bo La Lot” stands mostly support what’s called Mo Chai, which is a meatball wrapped in beef fat holding the moisture of the meat when it’s cooked. That makes this food the cholesterol-laden ball of deliciousness.