Bánh Tráng Nướng - Rice paper wrappers in Saigon

Banh Trang Nuong – Quick Food On Street

23 February, 2015
Vietnamese Food Culture

Saigon is a great walkable city that makes every vacationer loves to get immersed into. While the amateur photographers are keen on the bustling cityscape, other gourmets readily hunt for a wide variety of street foods along the routes. Saigon nowadays is universally famous for its rich collections of foods. If you have a good appetite for street food, it is introduced “banh trang nuong”. Simply stop and grasp this favorable kind of snacks in Saigon! So, what is “banh trang nuong”? It is a delicious rice paper wrappers or rice crepes which are roasted for the special smell.

Enjoy “Banh Trang Nuong” On Your Walk through the Park

Informatively, the term “banh trang nuong” refers to a large rice cracker which is flavored with many different toppings. The kinds of toppings vary from place to place. In fact, there exist numerous variations that create the fantastic flavors to this food kind. Right in Saigon, you can find the roasted rice crepes in several destinations such as 23/9 Park on Pham Ngu Lao, which is directly in front of the Reunification Palace and adjacent to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The tasteful mixture of pork, red peppers, and scallions are put in the heart of the rice cracker that makes its colors elegant. Then, a quail egg is cracked and additionally placed to the mixture. The whole set is put on the grill on the completion. In the time the rice cracker is roasted by the flames, the egg is cooked to make sure that “banh trang nuong” is healthy and delicious. Once the set is done, the cookers remove it from the heat. After that, the mixture is smothered and decorated with hot sauce. Please note that the addition of hot sauce depends on the gourmets’ demand because there are some customers who don’t like hot sauce.

At last, the rice cracker is folded in half which results in the small, spicy, and crispy piece. You will definitely love it as it can make you mouth-watering during the cooking procedure. The smell associated with the color make “banh trang nuong” one of the most enchanting street foods in Saigon. Just take a walk through some Parks around Saigon, you can possibly find some carts selling this delicious food. The vendors mostly make the roasted rice crackers by using a small clay pot. The cracker is grilled right on the pot. In the meantime, some toppings are added to create the colorful appearance. The vendors have the tendency to set up their carts along street side, instead of in the heart of the Park, because they can conveniently serves gastronomers who are on motorbikes or go afoot.

The crunchy of “banh trang nuong” will never lose its taste thanks to the savory combination of various elements. Since the cooking recipes are changeable and can be customized according to the connoisseurs’ preferences, expect to try some distinctive kinds of grilled paper crackers along streets of Saigon. You may want to have a drink to enjoy several pieces of your completed “banh trang nuong” since they always give you a good appetite.