Pho Bo - Noodles soup with beef

Pho Bo Recipe (Beef Noodle Recipe)

9 December, 2014
Vietnamese Food Recipes

Pho is considered as one of the most famous dish in Vietnam, anyone who arrives Viet Nam also want to try even only one time. Pho restaurant is also MUST destination for all culinary tours to Vietnam. As for Vietnamese people, Pho is a familiar and popular dish. How to cook delicious beef noodle at home? Have you cooked it by yourself? Let making the turn these following steps, this dish will surely helpyou foot binding your family members every weekend.


– 1 kg of beef bone.
– 200g encrusted beef.
– 200g loin beef (for undercook)
– Noodles (available type)
– White radish, shallot, green onion and purple onion
– Vegetables, bean sprouts, soy sauce, chili and lemon
– Cardamom, anise, ginger

Spices to cook Pho noodles soup with beef
Spices to cook Pho noodles soup with beef

How to cook PHO? – The most popolar street food in Hanoi

Step 1: Cooking broth

Firstly, pouring about 3 litters of water into spot then stewing in minimum 4 -5 hours for beef bones secrete out all sweeteners. Shouldn’t use pork bones because the broth will be not clear.

Secondly, green onion and gingers are crushed. Cardamom, anise are washed. Putting all these material into a cloth bag into a broth saucepan. Doing this process, the broth will be not turbid that making a distinct aroma of noodle. (Other way, you can grill a small branch of ginger -not scrape shells- and purple onion, help the broth more fragrant).

* Note: When you stew beef bones, remember watching and cooking on medium heat, boiling at headedness form, do not boil outbreak, the brown foam will slowly rise up the water face, let skim off the foam immediately. You have to skim off the foam and continuously fire-watching until the bubbles emerging with opaque white color.

Last but not least, adding encrusted beef, two onions, and a spice noodle soup package. Cook with small fire, stew in 30 minutes or more until soft-encrusted meat.

Beef bones to cook the Pho broth
Beef bones to cook the Pho broth

Step 2:

– Boiling encrusted beef to soft then taking out and thin sliced
– Adding white radish into the broth spot for the broth is both clear and sweet
– Relishing salt, sugar, spicy to suit with your taste and cooking more 20 minutes.
– For sweet broth, turning small fire and stewing in long time (30 mins).

Step 3:

There are 2 type of beef noodles: Undercooked beef noodles (Pho bo tai) and cooked beef noodles (Pho bo chin)

Pho bo tai – Noodle soup with rare beef:
+ Thin sliced lean beef are pounded to soft then blanched briefly through the broth making undercooked beef.
+ Putting chopped cilantro up with a small slice of crushed ginger, green onion.
+ Next, putting noodles into bowl (Blanching noodles through boiling water then putting into bowl).
+ After, placing encrusted and undercooked beef upon surface of green onion. Watering the boiling broth slowly onto the meat, when the broth is flooded the noodle, add extra peppercorn flour.

Beef for Noodle soup with rare beef
Beef for Noodle soup with rare beef

Pho bo chin – Noodle soup with well cooked beef:
+ Processing as Pho bo tai but putting all meat into patch then being sandwiched in broth pot just enough for boiling water to spill on the patch without any meat pieces fell off.
+ Gentle stirring the meat for meat is cooked and then put into a bowl of noodles, available in bowl other meats if desired.
+ Adding cilantro, green onion up then pouring the broth into.


Beef noodle can be eaten with raw vegetables, bean sprouts, a slice of lemon, peppers along with chili sauce, dark soy, all make the appetite taste. In particular, beef noodle is delicious when still being hot.
You don’t need to go to restaurant to taste beef noodle, you can cook at your home, not only ensure the quality and truly with your favorite but also be cheap and clean. Your husband and children will be surely satisfied with your prepared meal. Good tasty!!