Wild Lotus Restaurant in Hanoi – Mordern Vietnamese and Asian Cuisine

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If you are looking for the fusion of mordern Vietnamese and other Asian cuisines,do not forget to try it at Wild Lotus Restaurant in Hanoi Vietnam. At this charming place, global cuisine has been influenced by cultural preferences for different tastes as much as by local climate or geography. Many of the spices used to create the tastes we love originated in just one region of tropical forests in a previously remote group of islands..

International trade in spices began thousands of years ago. Fortunes were made and lost-and dreams dreamt and shattered-in that trade. And eras of global discovery were inspired by the desire to discover new routes to access these valuable seeds, roots, barks and fruit.


Wild Lotus Restaurant in Hanoi would like to take you on an exotic journey that only a few can take in real life, by serving the best of modern Vietnamese and other Asian cuisines with subtle influences from Occidental culture, and by creating the unique, stylish and relaxing ambiance that you deserve.Join us on a culinary journey along the centuries old spices routes. And be seduced!


Address: 55A Nguyen Du Str, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi. Tel: 04.39439342


Tripadvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293924-d1161350-Reviews-Wild_Lotus-Hanoi.html