Hanoi Street food

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There is no doubt that Hanoi is not only the center of economy, politics, culture and society but also a bright tourism spot of Vietnam in Vietnamese and foreign people’s eyes.
Among of hundreds of reasons attracting people to visit Hanoi, its street food culture is an undenied one.
Street food is not an odd term for anybody, especially people who love travelling. It means that you will enjoy your meal on a small table and tiny chair or even just by standing on your foot on some pavement of some street instead of indoor, polite and well-decorated restaurants. No private space. No real thoughtful serving. But these things cannot stop eaters from going there each day. Even more clients these food stalls serve at the same time, further their reputation spread. We can see these scenes in many famous street food stalls in Hanoi. The answer may be the atmosphere there. Both Vietnamese and foreign people who come here, find a comfortable space to enjoy their food or drink and to relax. It is not necessary for you to care about: who you are or what others think about you. In street food stalls, everyone is the same.



image02Some spaces of Hanoi street food culture

Street food culture has so long history in Hanoi. Coming back a couple of ten years ago, there was a familiar image of vendors with their shoulder pole and hangers going along streets such as Hang Trong or Hang Chieu Street and serving some dishes like noodle (pho) or fresh fruits or some kinds of noshing. All became an unforgettable memory to old people here. Time passes. Some stalls close, others keep developing. Anyways, all becomes an unforgettable memory of Hanoi.


image05Pho ganh, a familiar image in the past of Hanoi

Tourists visiting Hanoi are impressed by the variety of Hanoi street food, which can satisfy every your demands. If you want a delicious and flavorful breakfast, lunch or dinner, a bowl of noodle, Bun cha on Hang Manh Street or Xoi is a not bad idea. Or what you need is a comfortable meeting with your friends? Fresh beer (Ta Hien Street) or lime ice tea (Nha Tho Street) or coffee  (Nguyen Du Street) are popular addresses for everybody.

image06Ta Hien, Fresh beer Street

image08Bun dau, a popular dish on every Hanoi streets

Hanoi street food is not famous for its dishes but also other region’s specialties. Sitting on the streets of capital, you also have chance to enjoy many well-known dishes such as Banh Trang Tron (Saigon), Hue beef noodle soup, …

image09A famous Banh trang restaurant on Hang Tre Street

For such many reasons like that, Hanoi street food has still exited and developed as an important part of the resident’s spirit here that create a different style of Hanoians along with their precise one.

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Born in Hai Phong but growing up in Hanoi, Yang have a lovely childhood and great life experiences in these two best cities for cuisine and street food in the North of Vietnam. With 20 years working in travel industry, he had the chances to travel to most of the destinations in Vietnam. He loves travelling, taking photograph and also Vietnam culinary. Yang is also the good cook for his family. He said ” Whenever I came to any new place, I always want to visit the local market and trying the local street food, as they can reflect very well the local cuisine as well as culture of the place”.